Media Contact:  

Natalie Caldwell Blair, Position Sports

P: 480.652.0097


Rosters, Programs and other media kit materials will not be available until a half hour prior to the first games/sessions on the first day. Box scores will be posted online within 30 minutes of the conclusion of each game.  


  • Media credentialing will be conducted only during designated hours and credentials will only be issued at the host facility. Each event/session, credentials will be available 30 minutes prior to the first game/session.
  • Position Sports Public Relations reserves the right to limit the number of credentials for each event. There will be a two-credential limit for all outlets.
  • Blogs, YouTube Channels, sports agencies or outlets without official web sites will not be granted access.
  • Any credential request coming from an unofficial email address will be automatically reviewed and the applicant may be asked to provide links to story samples.  
  • News media affiliated with legitimate news organizations will be issued a MEDIA credential. A business card or news ID may be requested at media check-in.  
  • At its discretion, the event reserves the right to deny or rescind any individual/outlet’s media credential. Individuals admitted as press should be performing duties singularly focused on editorial coverage of the event. Those attempting to gain access on behalf of outside marketing interests, event operators, sports agents and agencies will not be admitted.  
  • Position Sports reserves the right to revoke any credentials due to non-compliance of our media policies.
  • Media Interviews:  
  • All players will be available following each game directly on the court. Position Sports staff will be on-hand to facilitate interviews if needed.
  • NBA players/coaches will not be available for interviews

General Policies:  

  • All members of the media must remain on the outer perimeter of the playing area and may sit in the general seating areas only (not player benches, etc.).
  • Photographers and videographers may take photos from the designated areas on the outside baselines of each court. These areas are the only places where photographers/videographers may sit on the floor and shoot. Photos may be taken while sitting in the general seating area as long as the other spectators’ views are not adversely affected. Photographers/videographers (with cameras) are the only ones allowed in the designated photo areas. Photographers/videographers may not photograph or record the medical/athletic trainer sections of the courts.
  • Web streaming is not permitted unless approved by Position Sports.
  • It is not permitted to ask student-athletes for phone numbers or personal contact information.
  • Anyone who violates these policies may be asked to relinquish their credential and leave the facility. Failure to comply with video policies may result in future credentialing reviews.